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UE55B7020W - Samsung LED 55 Inch Screen

Transform the way you watch TV with the Samsung 55" LED UE55B7020W. More UE40B7020W product reviews will be added in due course...

If I manage to make one thing clear in this UE55B7020W review, it's that this TV is brilliant. The 1080p is so clear that it's practically like looking through an empty frame.

The picture quality is superlative; the blacks are deeper than ever and the colours are as vibrant as a bolt of lightning. Compared to previous LCD TV's I have owned in the past, the samsung led TV's are a cut above the rest. I'm not sure on the Sony 200Hz motionflow against this TV but the picture looks very smooth indeed. When I say flat screen, I really mean flat! There is literally no room wasted when hooking the thing to the wall and blends into its surroundings seamlessly.

Thoroughly recommended for anyone who seeks exceptional quality from their television! more...

There can be only one thinnest and as you can see from the comments in the review above, this is it! The clearest, most elegant television. Easily, it's Samsung's UE55B7020W LED 7000. Breathtakingly thin, it's designed as one seamless piece of flawless crystal. On its LED screen, vivid details are captured in every frame. Picture edge-blur removed and full, robust colour restored to each pixel. Watch television programs, web content or your own, knowing you're also being kind to the environment. It's a remarkable feat of design, on or off. Cheapest UE55B0720W prices >>>

From Internet TV to USB2.0, this UE55B7020W TV will quickly become the centre of your home entertainment and information needs. Enjoy the convenience of using your TV to access online content such as Yahoo!, Flickr and soon even YouTube – all at the push of a button. And why not utilise those side mounted USB ports and share your holiday photos with family and friends?

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May 25, 2024
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